Transfer your domain to a new provider

If you're looking to transfer your domain away from Toolkit becasuse you've found a new provider for your website, domain and emails, you'll firstly need to cancel your account with us.

Once your account is cancelled and all outstanding invoices are paid, please contact our Support Team with your written transfer request.Our Technical Team will be back in touch shortly to advise on your domain's transfer.

Alternatively, if you're looking to transfer your domain but keep other services with us, contact our Support Team and we will be able to advise on your best options.

.uk Domains

If your domain ends in .uk, you will need to send us your new provider's IPS Tag. We will then update the IPS Tag on the domain so your new provider can take the domain into their care.

Some registrars can reject the IPS Tag change if there isn't already a pending inbound transfer on their end. As such, before giving us your IPS Tag, make sure that you have already submitted the inbound transfer with your new Registrar, otherwise the IPS Tag change will fail.

Worried about services dropping? See how to ensure a smooth transfer here.

TLD Domains

If your domain doesn't end in .uk you will need an Auth/EPP code to pass onto your new provider. As soon as our Technical Team receive the Transfer Request email, they'll unlock your domain and send you the Auth code within 48 working hours.

Worried about services dropping? See how to ensure a smooth transfer here.

Important Information

Once we action the transfer of a domain, all services powered by our DNS hosting will drop immediately. Your new provider will then need to get your new website and email services back online by transferring your domain in to their service and managing it's settings. Please be aware this process takes at least 48 hours and is dependent on your new providers.

To prevent this, you can perform a Smooth Transfer.

Transferring your domain(s) away within the 3 month cancellation period is free, however if you do not transfer your domain out within this 3 month timeframe, we will either allow it to lapse at the end of the current registration period, or charge £45+vat per domain to transfer out at a future date.

If you would like to keep any Toolkit services live post-transfer, please contact our Support Team for the DNS records your new provider will need.

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