Offline Marketing

There is a lot of marketing you can do to advertise your website and it is important to remember that not all website marketing needs to be online.

There is a lot of different offline ways to advertise your website and it is important that these methods are not overlooked. Advertising your website with Business Cards, Leaflets, Billboards etc., are all great ways to get you website name out there.

Offline Marketing is a method of marketing websites that is often overlooked. Having a website address on the front of a shop, or on the side of work vehicle can make a huge difference. It gets your website address out there and it means if someone wants to find your website, they don't have to search on Google to find it, because they've seen the address.

Offline Marketing can be the extra push that your website needs to be get the success that you were looking for.

Offline Marketing Options

Business Cards

An oldie but a goodie! Get business cards printed that have your logo and branding all over them. Hand them out to anybody and everybody as you never know who they may end up in front of


This is like an old fashion E-Newsletter! Sending out leaflets in the post or even providing them to customers at your business address, they are great for promoting your company and services and giving the recipient a document with your contact details on.

Vehicle Printing

How many plain white vans do you see driving around? It's very rare because vehicle printing is a great way to both attract new business and build your business brand in the areas that you work.

Magazine Adverts

All businesses have target audiences for each of their products & services. Segmenting them is a key business strategy and from segmentation comes the understanding of what your target audiences enjoy and respond to. If your audience is the 30-45 male segment, place advertisements into magazines that is popular with this age/gender group

Shop/Store front

Whether you have clients looking through your front shop window or your logging into your website you need to present a clean, modern and consistent brand! Put your website address, email information and phone number on your shop front as well, this is a great source for info when you're closed!

Newspaper Articles

Advertising through local newspapers or even national ones (if you have the budget) is a great way to push people towards your website. Use QR codes (those scanning squares) to give people a direct link to your website or E-Business card!

Billboard and poster adverts

No matter how old fashioned they seem billboard and poster advertising still work. If you're selling services for lunch deliveries get posters put up around office parks. If you're looking to promote your MOT services, get a billboard set up near main or busy roads! It's amazing how effective it is.


Brochures are good to send out to prospective clients to give them more information about your services and allow them to retain them for future use. It's a great Sales technique and the better quality the more effective they can prove.

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