Online Marketing

Online Marketing starts with your website, but it certainly doesn't stop there. There are so many other ways to market yourself online, most of which can be free and will just involve a little of your time each month. Some great FREE online marketing services include:

Social Media, Marketing Mailers, Regular Newsletters, Blogging, Videos.

These are all services you can sign up for freely, from creating your company's very own Youtube Channel to Blogging each week about the goings on in your business. Regardless of your industry or services your clients will be much more web savvy than ever before and you need to reach out to them in every medium possible whilst at the same time linking them back in to your website.

Your Website Is Your Marketing Hub

Your website needs to be the hub of everything you do online and whatsmore the message you send out to clients across the web needs to remain consistent.

Using your brand on everything you do will allow clients to both recognise and associate your business with the products and services you provide. Put your logo and company colours on any Marketing Mailers you send out and look to style your Social Media accounts with the same imagery.

Your website doesn't need to rely on Google to bring in all of your hits. However ironically, if you invest time in to free services like Facebook and Twitter Google will reward you and push you higher in their search results.

Online Marketing Options

Social Media

Create Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube accounts for your company and watch the hits come in. Google ranks websites based on their Social Media usage and whatsmore, Social Media is FREE and will push customers back to your website.

Marketing Mailers

Send out offers, updates, discounts and notifications to your customers using Marketing Mailers. Mailers in some circles are seen as old hat strategies but they still very much work and will allow you to use any old client email databases to good use.

PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click services are a great way to bring hits to your website for specific searches whilst working to a budget. PPC is also brilliant for pushing your website straight to the top of the listings and can be used as and when you want extra traffic.

Regular Newsletters

Consistant marketing is an incredibly powerful tool and allows you to build your brand with the contacts you already have. Newsletters keep customers up to date on your goings on, new services you may have or even any offers or discounts you may be promoting.


Creating and maintaining a blog is a fantastic way of keeping customers informed of your businesses goings on as well as improving your Google Rankings. We have a fantastic blogging service that can be used and managed within The Toolkit. Read more about it here.


With youtube being one of the most popular sites on the web it would be silly not to put your business on there. Create your own account and add videos, promotional material and link to it from your website. Push clients to your videos so they can comment and share!

Online Advertisements

Adverts are everywhere you go on the web and the reason for this is because they work! Facebook even now allow you to advertise specifically to customers who fit your target demographic. Use banner ads to push customers surfing the web to your site.

Press Releases

Generate extra publicicity by producing press releases that may gain you space in magazine or newspaper articles. Press Releases can be videos, Social Media posts or even just tied in with your blog to discuss the release in more depth.

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