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In the past, links have been the building blocks of what makes a site popular but Google is now recognising that social media is the chief way web users share content. So now, Facebook posts and Blog articles count for more than reciprocal links.

Setting up and managing Social Media is free and without it your website will struggle to get on to that all important first page in Google. Google expects to see Social Media on your website so link clients from your site to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts and then, in the same way link customers back to your website.

The Importance of Social Media to SMEs

SMEs can gain a lot by regularly using social media platforms and integrating profiles with their website. The Platforms serve as places to amplify your vision as a business and to connect with your customers.

Social Media allows you to connect with customers. You're able to respond to their comments on your posts, which inturn shows Google that you can easily be contacted, are invested in your business and most importantly, invested in your customers. Your regularly creating posts on Social Media also helps towards your Regular Updates.

While social media platforms are not substitutes for traditional advertising tools, by using social media channels to market your products and website you're helping to expand your reach without increasing your cost. The most popular social networking sites offer free accounts, and do not require any expertise outside of good written communication skills.


Facebook business pages can give your search engine optimisation a major boost. Link your website to your facebook page and vice versa. Google will then find your Facebook posts from your website.

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It is sometimes hard to believe that sending short messages to other Twitter users can make a huge difference to your business, but it can. Free to set up and easy to use Twitter is a no brainer.

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Linked In

With over 60 million users from hundreds of different industries, LinkedIn is great for finding new customers, keeping an eye on the competition and building up new business to business relationships.

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YouTube is the third most popular site in the world after Google and Facebook. The addition of YouTube to your website means you will be a member of an ever-growing community of video sharing.

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