Website Success Guide

To achieve a successful website and to get on that all important first page in Google, you need to ensure your website is updated regularly, has links to your Social Media accounts, and utilises both online and offline marketing.

Just putting your website live will not bring in customers.

You can use your own Toolkit Access to keep your site up to date and to help, we have provided some fantastic guides below that show you all of the things you can be doing, right now, to your website to make sure it is a success!

What can I do to boost my sites performance?

Regular Updates

Updating your website on a weekly basis through a 'latest news' page or even via a blog is a great way to show Google you are up to date and more relevant for their searchers.

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Social Media

Google now ranks websites based on the content of a businesses Social Media accounts. Ensure your company has Facebook, Twitter and a Blog as a bare minimum and keep them updated weekly.

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Online Marketing

Marketing Online goes much further than just your website. You should be pulling customers in to your site from Newsletters, Mailers, Email Signatures, PPC Campaigns and Directory Listings.

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Toolkit SEO

The Toolkit offers you the chance to manage individual page meta data and keywords as well as controlling the content on your website which allows you to manage your very own SEO.

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Modern Design & Mobile Friendly

You can achieve a thousand hits a month but if your website isn't appealing to your customers, you wont receive any enquiries. Google also reward websites that are Mobile Friendly.

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Offline Marketing

Marketing doesn't start and stop on the internet. Leaflets, letters, business cards, magazine articles and even billboard advertisements are a great way to push customers to your website.

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Website Analytics

Use Google Analytics to track exactly how many hits and views your website receives. Analytics is the only way to track the ROI on your site and is completely free to set up. Do you know how many people viewed your homepage last month?

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SEO Professional

If you want the professionals help to give you that extra advantage when competing online just get in touch with us and we can put you in touch with a great company who will discuss everything you see on this page

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Secure Socket Layer

Google have recently changed their Algorithm to rewards sites that have SSL. This is to help achieve their goal of making the web more secure.

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