Add HTML Email Signature to Webmail

If an HTML Email Signature has been created for you, you'll need to add it to Webmail to use it on your emails.

For more information on a bespoke, full HTML Email Signature, please see our Email Signature Design Service

Step By Step Guide

In Webmail , click on the Hamburger Menu in the top right and corner of the screen. In the drop down box, choose Settings .

In the box that opens, click on ' Composing Email '. In the tabs along the top, choose ' Signatures ' and ' Add New Signature '.

in the box that appears, press ' Enable Formatting ' and then click on the <> icon. Now, paste the HTML your designer has given you in the box that pops up.

Press ' OK ' once pasted.

Now give your signature a name and press ' OK '.

Tick 'Always show signature when composing an email' and then press ' Save '. in the bottom right.

You now need to assign the signature you just created to an Identity. Navigate back to the settings, choose ' Composing Email ' but this time, go to the ' Identities ' tab.

Click on the existing Identity and press ' Edit '. In the popup box, set the default signature to be the one you just created. Press ' OK ' and then ' Save ' again.

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