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What is Mobile Friendly?

Mobile Friendly no longer means your website works on Mobile devices.

It now means your website is built for and adapts to mobiles and isn't just designed for computer screens.

Is my website Mobile Friendly?

Test your website using Google's free Mobile Friendly Test. You'll just need your website's URL

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How we achieve Mobile Friendly sites

When Google announced that they'd be consider Mobile Friendly a ranking factor, we changed the way we built websites.

Throughout the end of 2015 and 2016, we further developped our platform to allow our clients to have Responsive websites.

Responsive technology is a form of Mobile Friendly, where the content of a page responds and adapts to the screensize.

How you can achieve a Mobile Friendly site

If you don't have a Mobile Friendly site currently, we have 2 options available to you.

Option 1 is a redesign of your website. Not only will we change the design of your website as to give it a more modern look, we'll also build it on the Responsive platform.

Option 2 is a responsive rebuild . This is where we rebuild your website, exactly as it is now, on our Responsive platform.

The importance of having a Mobile Friendly website

Nowadays, nearly everyone has a smartphone. In fact, according to Google's own data, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in more than 10 countries.

Because Google want to improve the User Experience (UX) of sites found on their search engine, Google have changed the way they rank websites and now penalise those that aren't Mobile Friendly. If your site is not Mobile Friendly, Google are already:

 - Warning users against visiting your website
 - Ranking your site lower for mobile searches
 - Deeming your site unsuitable for mobile users

Any Questions?

If you're unsure of anything around Mobile Friendly, our Team are here to help. Get in touch and we can advise further.

Alternatively, read our Mobile Friendly FAQs!

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