Domain Name Migration

About this service

No matter the reason for changing the domain your site is hosted on, we can move your website from your current domain and set it up on the new one. The Toolkit and your website won't be effected during this time and everything will function as expected on the new domain.

During the Domain Name Migration, we transfer all of your website files and update all the links on your website whilst testing them to ensure that nothing is still pointing to your old domain.

We would strongly recommend that, if you have emails on your current domain, you also look to move them to the new domain as part of the migration. To do this we have a seperate email migration service. You can find out more by clicking here.

Key Features

  • No downtime on Toolkit or website during migration
  • Every link on the website is updated
  • Manually tested to ensure no links are broken
  • Delivered within 3 working days


There is a small one off fee of just £125+VAT for us to migrate your website onto a brand new domain.

If you require us to purchase a new domain for you then click here to view our domain registration page.

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