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In the past, links have been the building blocks of what makes a site popular, but Google is now recognising that social media is the chief way web users share content. So now, your activity on Social Media counts more than it ever has!

Setting up and managing Social Media is free and without it, your website may struggle to get on to that all important first page in Google. Google expects to see Social Media on your website to link clients from your site to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & other accounts and then link customers back to your website.

Although free to do yourself, if you don't have the time to setup your Social Media channels, we can absolutely do it for you! Please see the Social Media Setups we offer below.

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Facebook business pages can give your search engine optimisation a major boost. Link your website to your facebook page and vice versa. Google will then find your Facebook posts from your website.

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It is sometimes hard to believe that sending short messages to other Twitter users can make a huge difference to your business, but it can. Free to set up and easy to use Twitter is a no brainer.

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With over 60 million users from hundreds of different industries, LinkedIn is great for finding new customers, keeping an eye on the competition and building up new business to business relationships.

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YouTube is the second most popular site in the world after Google and right before Facebook. The addition of YouTube to your website means you will be a member of an ever-growing community of video sharing.

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If your company takes more of a visual approach when it comes to marketing, setting up an Instagram account could highly improve your reach and attract new customers from the platform.


With this still quite new social media platform and its growing popularity, especially among younger audience, it could be a good idea to set yourself a TikTok account where you can start posting your promotional content.


We just charge for the time it takes for a member of our team to setup of your Social Media profiles. With this we'll match your website's branding across the platform to give an extra professional feel.

Each setup is just £95+VAT, but we also offer discounts for multiple setups.

When complete we'll add the relevant links to your website to ensure you generate the most interest in your business.

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