Your Website's Build

You've had your first call with your Project Manager, who will now be getting the First Draft for your new website ready.

If we've not received any text from you for the site, we'll populate your First Draft using Lorem Ipsum placeholder text. This allows you to see how the website will look once we've received your text.

Your First Draft will be back to you within 3-5 working days, so what happens next?

Look & Feel

The first stage of your website project is for us to create a design for you. We will then work with you, applying your feedback until you're 100% satisfied with the look of your new website.

We offer unlimited design changes, so you're guaranteed to be happy with the design of your new website on publication.

Because your website will be responsive, we will be keeping this in mind when creating the first draft. The key to having a website that is mobile responsive is often to keep it simple.


Send us your text content in Microsoft Word documents and for images please use JPG or PNG formats via a file sharing service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer. Our team will add in all your content to the website and just like with the design, we can update the content as many times times as necessary until you are completely happy with it.

In order to ensure that your website is mobile friendly, it is key to keep the content layout simple and clear. We will design the layout for you, based around your text content, but if you have a particular layout in mind, by all means let us know, and we can work that into the pages.

For more information on how to write content for your website and your options, see our Writing Website Content page here .

Website Address

Work with our experienced Technical Team on making sure the perfect Web Address is in place ready for when your new website is published.


As part of your package with Toolkit Websites we can host and manage your domain, as well as supply you with our business-class email service.

SEO Boost

As part of any new or redesign project we will also Search Engine Optimise up to 5 pages based on 5 key searches. A member of our Team will get in touch with you about your 5 key searches.

Our SEO boost allows us to optimise:

  • Meta Keywords & Meta Descriptions
  • H1 inclusion and format
  • Homepage Image Aliases
  • Image Size
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Logo Alt Tag
  • Page Aliases
  • Page Titles
Search Engine Optimisation is 100% your responsibility, but we like to help get you started and onto the right tracks. Find out more about the SEO Boost Service.


Once you are completely happy with your new website then you can complete the final stages of the Publication Checklist and press publish! Our support team will then publish your website within 2 working days.

How We Work


Book regular appointments with your Project Manager to discuss your websites progress and any feedback you may have.

Turn Around

We will have all design and content updates back to you within 3-5 working days, but most likely sooner!

Going Live

Complete the Publication Checklist to confirm you'd like to go live. We then publish your site within 2 working days.

Post Publication

Your website's publication doesn't mark the latest version of your website. With Toolkit Websites you have unlimited access to our CMS, The Toolkit, where you can update your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year!

Tweak Time

After your website has gone live, we offer our Tweak Time service. We ask for 1 email confirming all content changes you may have within 48 hours of publication and we will make these for you. After this, our Support Team can show you how to make any changes you may need yourself.

Updating your Website

In the Toolkit, you can access your pages, images, scrollers, form settings and much more, meaning you have complete access to update your website. We offer unlimited training on using the Toolkit, so you'll never be left to try and work something out for yourself.

The Support Team

We have a full Support Team here at Toolkit Websites dedicated to helping clients manage the website and email services. We answer the phone within 3 rings and respond to all emails within 1 working hour. Our phone number is 01243 913 913 and our email address is

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