How To Approve The Content

This guide will show you how to approve the content on the site. This can always be changed once the site has gone live through The Toolkit. The content is the text and images on the site.

Please note that this does not approve the design, colours and theme of the site, this is done in another section labelled ' Design '.

Step By Step Guide

Once logged into the Toolkit it should open the checklist by default. However if it hasn't you can navigate to it by clicking on ' Home ' in the top left, then ' Checklist '. You will now see the publication checklist in front of you.

When you have the checklist in front of you, click the point labelled ' Approve Content '.

The next screen will show you all the information regarding the content on the site, it is highly reccomended that you take the time to read through it in order to understand the sign off process. Once you are ready click the ' Approve Content ' button.

There is also a ' Do It Myself ' button, this should only be pressed if you have agreed to build the pages while the site is being built. This option can be left alone for most clients.

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