How To Confirm Your Web Address

This guide will walk you through how to confirm the address your website will go on once it has been published.

You can either watch the video or follow the written guide below.

Step By Step Guide

Once logged into the Toolkit it should open the checklist by default. However if it hasn't you can navigate to it by clicking on ' Home ' in the top left, then ' Checklist '. You will now see the publication checklist in front of you.

From here click on the first point which is the ' Website Address '. This is the address that the website will be on once it has been published.

Next up, you need to choose what you would like the address to be, type the address in the box and click the ' Check Availability ' button.

You will now recieve one of two screens. If you are presented with a screen that says ' Your domain is available for us to register ' then click the ' Choose this name ' button. This will register the website address as soon as you click the button .

Alternatively if there is a mispelling in the domain, click the button labelled ' Search Again '.

The second screen you may have recieved from step 3 will say ' This domain is unavailable for us to register '. From here you can either search again for a different domain name or click the button labelled ' I own this website address '.

Only click this button if you own the domain but have it registered with another provider.

This will inform our Technical Team with the domain you would like the website on and they will get in touch about how to achieve this.

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