How To Add A Direct Debit

This guide will show you how to setup a Direct Debit in the checklist. The Direct Debit is used for the monthly subscription for the site. This is charged quarterly throughout the year.

Step By Step Guide

Once logged into the Toolkit it should open the checklist by default. However if it hasn't you can navigate to it by clicking on ' Home ' in the top left, then ' Checklist '. You will now see the publication checklist in front of you.

Once you have the checklist in front of you, click the button labelled ' Direct Debit '.

You will then be taken to the Direct Debit setup page. At the top of the page there are some details with regards to when payments come out and how much will be charged. Beneath this fill out the ' Account Name ', ' Account Number ' and ' Sort Code ' fields.

Once you are happy with all the information, click the ' Confirm Direct Debit ' button at the bottom of the page.

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