How To Confirm Your Mailbox

Our website packages give you the oppurtunity to setup a new email address. Please note that the amount of mailboxes you have access to will depend on your package with us. In the guide we have two mailboxes available to us.

Step By Step Guide

Once logged into the Toolkit it should open the checklist by default. However if it hasn't you can navigate to it by clicking on ' Home ' in the top left, then ' Checklist '. You will now see the publication checklist in front of you.

When the checklist is in front of you, click the button labelled ' Email Addresses '.

On the next screen the first thing to do is choose whether we will be providing your new email service or if you are getting them hosted with another provider.

From here you get to choose what you would like the mailboxes to be, as mentioned earlier your amount of mailboxes may vary depending on your package with us . In this example we have the option to setup two mailboxes.

Finally, once you have chosen all the mailboxes click the ' Submit ' button at the bottom of the page.

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