How To Book A Training Session

The final section of the checklist is to book a training session on how to use The Toolkit. The Toolkit is where you can go to make your very own changes to your site. You can change text, pictures and much more! Our training sessions consist of a phone appointment and a screenshare so we can walk you through everything.

Step By Step Guide

Once logged into the Toolkit it should open the checklist by default. However if it hasn't you can navigate to it by clicking on ' Home ' in the top left, then ' Checklist '. You will now see the publication checklist in front of you.

Once the checklist is open, click on the button labelled ' Book Toolkit Training '.

From here you can click the ' Book Training ' button at the bottom of the page. One of our support team will then send you an email shortly with information on getting a session booked in.

Alternatively if you do not want a training session on how to use the Toolkit, click the ' Do This Later ' button in the top right of the screen.

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